sky view, southern horizon

A view of a southern horizon, using optional settings to display constellations, constellation names, star names, and planet names.

lunar eclipse lunar occultation of saturn solar eclipse

A lunar eclipse, 30 minutes before an occultation of Saturn, and a solar eclipse -- shown using the Moon - 4° Span option in the Sky View.

sky view, dawn in multicolor mode

A full-sky view at dawn, using the Sky Color: Multicolor mode.

night with milky way

A view of the night sky over Australia with the galactic core of the Milky Way on display.

solar system out to pluto solar system out to mars

A view of the planets in their orbits using the Out to Pluto option of the Orbits View, and an orientation of approximately 67°. In addition, a more detailed view of the our immediate planetary neighborhood.

photo sky survey, andromeda galaxy

The Andromeda Galaxy, shown using the Photographic Sky Survey feature of the Sky view.

moons of saturn moons of jupiter
Saturn with its rings and five of its moons (left), and three of Jupiter's moons (above), with Europa eclipsed and the shadow of Io crossing the face of Jupiter.

An insolation chart, showing the patterns of day, twilight, and night throughout the course of a year, from a place within the Arctic circle. insolation chart

eclipse map 2017

The total eclipse of 2017. The Moon's shadow appears in the middle of the eastern United States.

calendar, daily phases

The Calendar view, shown using the Daily Moon phase option.