Read the Help page. Yes, really. There's plenty of good information there, and a lot that Sky View Café can do that you'll discover.

Click on the clock to change the time. You can type in the time, or click on a digit and use keyboard arrow keys or the on-screen arrows to adjust the value.

The clock uses 24 hour time. 0 is midnight, 12 is noon, 13 is 1 PM, 23 is 11 PM. The § symbol indicates Daylight Saving Time.

More about: time, time zones, and years BCE...

Click on the latitude and longitude fields to enter a new location. Double-click for a dialog into which you can type values in decimal form.

If you know only the name of a location, click on the Find... button to perform a search for locations with matching names.

Coming back later? Click the Save... button to store your location settings for your next visit. Cookies must be enabled.

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